Monday, 10 February 2014

When I grow up...I want to be like Myrtle Snow

Hi folks,
Last week marked the final episode of American Horror Story Coven, the 3rd season of the popular TV series that this year was set in New Orleans. Now even though the season was pretty rubbish  wasn't great the character of Myrtle Snow was defiantly a highlight for me. After a brief appearance in the first episode wearing the most amazing outfit I hoped for the rest of the season she would come back and I could perve on her ridiculous style. Lucky for me she did and now I'm pretty damn sure that when I grow up and become an eccentric old lady, that I will look exactly like Myrtle Snow.


I really think the costume department outdid themselves with Myrtle. The contrasting textures and mix matched prints coupled with a rather envious collection of gloves make her a rather fantastic style icon. I also love that even though she is an older women they weren't afraid of colour and accessories.

I want everything she is wearing in this photo, I mean who doesn't need long yellow leather gloves.

Look at the marvellous strut.

Another fabulous pussy bow blouse.

Now that I think about it there is no need to wait until I am older to enjoy Myrtle's unique style, excuse my while I hunt down that fabulous fringed wrap on the internet....

Until next time,
Your friendly neighbourhood Red Velvet Rosie.

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