Tuesday, 15 October 2013

This Diva ain't Trashy

I think the hardest thing about blogging so far is coming up with titles, this one isn't too bad as I will be talking about the brand Trashy Diva, but lasts weeks title, hmmm could use some work. Anyway in this instalment of Red Velvet Rosie I'm reviewing the Annette Dress made from the American brand Trashy Diva.
I have four Trashy Diva dresses in my collection so far (lets face it with my shopping addiction that number will only increase) and I have found them to be the most comfortable and easy to style dresses I own. This new addition, the Annette dress is no exception to the rule. Made from light weight cotton the dress features a high bust line at the front with a slightly lower line at the back making it perfect for those horrid 40 degree Summer days we experience in Melbourne. The dress also has another layer of white cotton built in to act as a semi pettie coat giving the skirt a nice fullness and a lovely silhouette. The best part about that second layer is that the folks at Trashy Diva have connected the two layers with a length of thick thread that somehow prevents the dress from getting blown up around your ears during gale force winds. And for someone that lives in dresses and also lives close to the windy beach, this is a brilliant design feature. To finish it off the dress also comes with a wide belt in the same fabric that the dress comes in allowing your waist to look even smaller cinched in against the fullness of the skirt. Best of all, the Anette dress features two deep pockets on either side on the full skirt. POCKETS! IN A DRESS! BLOODY BRILLIANT!.
Anywho onto the outfit of the day:


Dress: Trashy Driva
Cardigan: Pinup Girl Clothing (no longer available)

I teamed up the outfit with one of my favourite brooches. I purchased it earlier this year at the Hells Kitchen Flea Market in New York for $10. Can you believe it? This think would have cost me at least $40 at a vintage fair in Melbourne. If any of you are in New York definitely check out the flea markets, so many great finds if you are into vintage jewelry.

I wasn't kidding about how much I love dresses with pockets. These things and freaking awesome.
I finished off the outfit with a pair of seamed stockings made by What Katie Did. I normally find stocking incredibly hard to find due to the fact that I am not only plump but also tall and it seems that stocking makers think that people like me don't exists so stockings only stretch one way. I love What Katie Did but didn't even think their M/L stockings would fit me until a friend gave me a pair, and they were perfect. This particular pair I purchased online at Betty and Ginger since it's owned by a lovely lady in Melbourne and it's always good to support local businesses. They have also just opened up at shop called Dames of Distinction in the city. I haven't had the chance to pop by yet but I will be going to their soiree and discount day so I will keep you posted on how lovely the shop is. Judging by the pics I've seen on Instagram, it's sure to be a real treat.
Well that's all from this end folks. Until next time,
Your friendly neighbourhood
Red Velvet Rosie.

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  1. Suzanne, I love Trashy Diva dresses too. I have two dresses and one full length velvet coat.I am going to New Orleans next week and can't wait to add a few more! Thanks for the review!