Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Her Universe and Your next clothing obession

Hi there sports fans (I'm sorry if you are not a sport fan, I'm not, I wont judge, just thought it was a good way to start this post). Anyway whilst browsing the interwebs recently I stumbled upon this new and amazing brand Her Universe that speciallises in geek culture based designs. And the best part is that all designs come in plus sizes so no one has to miss out on wearing their favourite pop culture references on their sleaves. Her are some of my favourites.

Can't say I'm a massive Captain America Fan, he's always been too much of a goodie too shoes for my liking, but until they release a Spider-Man or X-Men dress this is the next best thing for Marvel fans.


I have been wanting a couple of comic book themed tank tops for a while to brighten up my mainly black gym atire, this one will do just the trick.

Ah Dr Who, I know so much about it yet I have never watched a full episode, and yet I know what each Doctor wears and rough story lines. I do love this dress though, and if I did have to pick a Doctor I think David Tennant would definatelty win.

Ok my nerd statis is definately plumiting now since I admit I have never seen all of the original Star Wars, I have just seen the one where Han Solo gets defrosted from Carbonite and there's Jaba the Hut. I think it's the last one? I don't know. I think I saw the new ones too as I remember Natalie Portman get married but again not too sure. I digress, even though I haven't seen all the films how can I resist the cropped vest and printed belt combo of this dress? Super fun.
Now unfortunalely Her Universe does not ship to Australia, but if you have a quick google you would be able to find quite a few forwarding companies that for a small fee will allow you to never be blocked from buying your favourite brands just because you live Down Under.
Well that's all from me folks.
Until next time,
Your friendly neighbourhood Red Velvet Rosie.

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