Sunday, 26 January 2014

Vanity Project - Made by Limb and Betty Le Bonbon

Oh hi there,
This year I have put myself on a rather strict savings plan as I am off to New York again this year in October (freaking yay!). However because of this my normal Internet shopping addiction has been put on hold until I get back. Well that was the plan until I saw that Betty Le Bonbon have started to stock Vanity Project dresses by Limb and I couldn't resist putting through an order, after all I'm supporting local business so really I'm doing a service to my country. Right? Eh oh well...
Anyway if you are not aware Betty Le Bonbon is a awesome brand that specialises in making the most adorable circle skirts you can imagine, and in a wonderful variety of sizes and prints so anyone can enjoy them. I just fell in love with the book print skirt when I saw it, but as one of my 2014 tasks is to make a circle skirt I will have to continue just admiring this one until I succeed in making my own.

Seriously, how cute is that skirt?

Anyway back to the Vanity Dresses. The range is made by a UK brand called Limb who specialises in vintage inspired frocks in modern fabrics and novelty prints. I think it's a match made in heaven that Betty Le Bonbon is stocking them since the designs really compliment each other well. Here are a few of my favourites:

 The Hawaiian dress in Black floral


The Hawaiian dress in green floral.
I really really want a tiki dress this year as it's one of the few classic 50's dresses I have yet to own. I love the green print of this dress and the wrap around style of the skirt with accommodate my rather large tush.

June Pencil dress in Peacock with matching Bolero (sold separately).

Polly Pleat dress in Atomic print (love that fabric).

Reverse Pleat dress in Day of the Dead print.

Day dress in Blue Cowboy print.
With so many amazing dresses it was hard to choose one. But in the end I had to go with the Polly Pleat dress in Record print:

 I couldn't say no to this amazing novelty print and the sage green trim on the wide neckline and pockets (yes it has pockets too) will go nicely with my ginger locks.
Right now Betty Le Bonbon is selling these dresses at $175 each plus postage and will be placing an order once a month. This month is will be on the 30th of January so be sure to get in quick if you found a dress you can live without. Betty Le Bonbon is also giving away a free Limb dress through their Facebook page so be sure to check them out and give them a bit of love. Plus Jasmine who runs it is a mega babe so make sure to have a gander at her blog.
Until next time,
Your friendly neighbourhood Red Velvet Rosie.

MITIFOTITW vol. II: Dancing Storm Troopers

Hi all,
So blogging, that thing I used to do and haven't done in a while... My apologises. I really have no excuse, I like many have just fallen back into familiar habits in 2014 and have forgotten that I still have this little slice of the Internet where it is my responsibility to generate content. I will endeavour to do better. In the mean time here is vol. II of MITIFOTITW featuring a great tune and some wonderful dancing Storm Troopers.

Until next time,
Your friendly neighbourhood Red Velvet Rosie.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Christmas in January with the Melbourne Death Star

Last week my boss treated me and the girls from work to a day out to celebrate all our hard work in 2013. It was technically our Christmas party but as it is January it seemed a bit strange to call is that since we had just finished packing all our Santa costumes away the day earlier.
One thing I like about my boss is that she LOVES our end of year celebration, to the point where the whole thing is top secret and we don't find out what we are doing until we get to event.
This year she surprised us by taking us all on the newly opened Melbourne Star, a giant Ferris wheel like Londons Eye that allows you to look over the entire city whilst "safely" being enclosed in air conditioned domes. I say "safely" as it is common to refer to the Melbourne Star as the Melbourne Death Star as it has been closed a few time due to safety concerns (the last time was a week before we rode it). Needless to say some of the girls were a bit nervous but all in all it was a lovely ride.

Next to the Star they had set up a little theme park for the children.

Looking a bit nervous as the doors are sealed shut.

A map to guide us on what to look at.

Getting higher!

Near the top looking over South Melbourne.

"I can see my house from here!"

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Target

Chameleon Brooch: Shag

Gold Seamed Stockings: Dames of Distinction
Since it was too humid in Darwin to dress up over Christmas, I took the opportunity to dress festive for the celebration. My mother got me the Grace dress for my chrissie present and after wearing it for New Years I fell in love with it and had to wear it again. It went perfectly with my new gold seamed stockings I picked up whilst shopping for a Kris Kringle gift for my boss. 

My lovely new clock I received as my KK present. It will go perfectly with the rest of my Alice in Wonderland themed kitchen knick knacks. I love how is kind of looks like ginger bread.

As we exited through gift the gift shop we spotted this giant lego model.

Complete with men fixing the damn thing. Nice to see they have a sense of humour.

Next we all jumped into a cab and went to the Langham (or as I like to call it, the happiest place on Earth) for a few drinks and lunch.

For those who have never been to the Langham restaurant, I cannot recommend it enough. It's pretty much a fancy buffet with various chefs planted around the place who will cook you anything you like. There's also a seafood bar, cheese counter and desert wall. Did I mention there's also a chocolate fountain? Yep, a chocolate fountain. 

The room is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows that overlook Flinders st Station and the Yarra. Very beautiful.

As I was too busy consuming my body weight in Peking duck and prawns so I neglected to take any photos of the food but I did manage one of my desert before I demolished it.  

Before we left we noticed that the Christmas decorations were still up so I took the opportunity to pose with the tree that matched my outfit perfectly. Feel free ignore my glazed over expression, I was about 5 minutes away from falling into a deep food coma.
Well that's all from me folks.
Until next time.
Your friendly neighbourhood Red Velvet Rosie






Thursday, 2 January 2014

2013 Highlights

Now that I have clawed myself out of what can only be described as a post New Years hang over cave, I find myself reflecting on the year that was and looking forward to what 2014 holds in store. 2013 was a massive year and even though I didn't achieve everything I wanted, it really was a great year.

I walked in my first catwalk for Bombshell Vintage

Saw Machlemore and Ryan Lewis for $35 at the Forum Theatre. 

Went to New York.


I became the face of the vintage and reproduction brand Bombshell Vintage. A role I'm pleased to be continuing in 2014.

I was maid of Honor for when my best friend married the love of her life.
 Photo courtesy of Sarah Walker Photography.

Participated in the Astor Productions Gatsby Spring Soiree.

Flew to Perth to hairstyle and walk for the Curvy Couture Roadshow.

And got to wear this amazing frock.

I turned 25.

And got to spend it with a dear friend I hadn't seen in 6 years.
 (We hadn't changed a bit).

Participated as a cosplayer for Armageddon.

Wrote my first grant proposal (didn't get the grant but hey, I tried).

Took a leap of faith and changed my iconic fire hair to ginger.

Met my hero Dita Von Teese.

And finally changed careers (kind of).
Well that's all from me folks. Here's hoping 2014 is filled with as much joy (and hopefully some acting gigs) as the last year. What are you hoping for in 2014?
Until next time,
Your friendly neighbourhood Red Velvet Rosie.