Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Exciting new discoveries

Now let me begin this post with a bit of back story so you'll understand how exciting my new discoveries are. Firstly I don't wear pants, nor do I own them as I find they look well, for lack of a better word, rather crap on me. Now don't get me wrong, I think pants are a marvellous invention, and jeans, oh don't get me started on jeans, but for me pants have always been a love/hate relationship so I stopped wearing them about 5 years ago.
I re-approached pants wearing about two years ago when I commissioned a pair of reproduction land girl trousers to be made for me and I thought that they would be my ticket to pant loving freedom. And in the beginning I thought they were. Lovely navy cotton fabric with contrast cream buttons up the side, surely they were the perfect pants? Well I thought they were until after a couple of wears I discovered that the pleating at the front of the trousers created the illusion that my front panel looked like the foot area of a certain humped desert loving mammal. I immediately hide them at the back of my closet and thought nothing more of it.

OK so that's the back story. Now I haven't really given much thought to wearing pants again since my closet is filled at nearly bursting point with dresses and skirts so there really wasn't any need to introduce yet another piece of clothing to my already too full collecting. That is until I stumbled upon the 1940's Swing Trousers created by Vivien of Holloway.

For those who are not familiar, Vivien of Holloway is a vintage reproduction online clothing store offering large range of designs for the vintage loving gals of all sizes. And being a plus size lady I often prefer to wear reproductions since they come in my size and well, I'm too lazy to hand wash my clothes so reproduction is quite good for washing machine orientated people. Their online store is very easy to navigate and they list the sizes of pants by waist and hip measurements so you don't get that soul crushing feeling of thinking your a size bigger than you are. These ladies just deal with the facts of the measurements which appeals to me.

Now onto the pants. I ordered a pair of the Swing Trousers in black as they would go with everything and since I often spills coffee on myself, black was a safe colour. When they arrived (a week later I might add, very speedy) I was a little nervous as I wasn't 100% sure they would fit. Luckily for me they did, and boy did they fit well. The pants were made of a light weight stretch fabric which made them easy to get on over my hips but also allowed a flattering and snug fit around my buttom. The wide leg design of the pants also allowed for the legs of the pants for fall straight down giving me the 40's land girl silhouette that I always admire. The only downside I found was the waist was a tad too big for me, which is normal since anything figure hugging I wear I usually have to size up in order to fit my rather large rump into things.

As you can see I'm quite happy with the results, and they don't look too shabby either. And as the Swing Trousers come in a variety of colours and fabrics, I may have to add more to my collection in the future.
Until next time.
From you friendly neighbourhood Red Velvet Rosie

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