Sunday, 24 November 2013

Stage Door: A film review.

 Last night I finally got my hands on a copy of the 1937 film Stage Door, and boy was it worth the wait. Set in New York in the 30's the film follows the lives of a group of young actresses who live together in a boarding house as they fight and struggle to get jobs in the theatre. What originally drew me to the film was all the stars that it features like Katherine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers and my favourite starlet Lucille Ball, but what kept me interested was the fantastic dry humour that all the characters seemed to have which caused quite a few chuckles from my end. The costumes are of course beautiful with the ladies wearing suits, high waisted trousers and some stunning furs. But don't take my word for it, take a looky loo at some of the photos of the film.

The dingy bedrooms and cramped space really gave off that struggling actress feeling that a lot of us creative folk can relate to.


 I completely love this polka dot romper that Ginger Rogers is wearing, I would love one for myself for Summer. Just need to find the right pattern.

 There is defiantly a plethora of outfit inspiration throughout the film. I mean look at that coat, my God.



 Lucille Ball being a total babe.

 Having since left uni after finishing my performing arts degree two years ago I have to say I really related to the women of this film and what feels like the constant waiting for jobs. The running gag of the film is that the women are constantly going on dates with horrid men so that they can get a free meal and miss out crummy stew that the house matron serves them.
All in all I would highly recommend Stage Door to all the retro film lovers out there, especially the sarcastic ones.

Until next time,
Your friendly neighbourhood Red Velvet Rosie

Franny Lou Frocks

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing the hair and makeup for a new reproduction brand based in Melbourne called Franny Lou Frocks. It is owned and run by the lovely and talented Francesca who makes all of the clothing herself as well as managers the Etsy stall. After getting to have a sneak peek of the clothing during the shoot I have to say the range is adorable featuring bright colours, vintage patterns and light weight fabric, perfect for the hotter months that are starting to creep in at the moment. Here are some of my favourite shots of the day:




My favourite item from the range was definitely this green wiggle dress. I just adore the colour combo of emerald green with the blue belt. I think I may need to order this one for myself for Christmas since it would be perfect for the festive season and the hot weather. Who knows maybe the fitted style of this dress will stop me from eating my body weight in turkey and prawns (ha, who am I kidding?).
Franny Lou Frocks are available via their online store on Etsy here, you should also check out their amazing Pinterest page for outfit inspiration and beautifully styled men.

Me in my trusty styling apron with the beautiful Kathy.
Until next time,
Your friendly neighbourhood Red Velvet Rosie

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Recreating Lucy: A Lucille Ball Vintage Hair Tutorial

Since becoming "ginger" I have discovered a new found love for Lucille Ball and her amazing hair styles, especially since now when I recreate them I can pretend I look like her (in my dreams). S when I stumbled upon this image of Lucy this morning on Instagram and thought I would have a crack and recreating it.

I have done the classic Lucy Poodle hair before and you might have seen my Ziegfeld Follies look I did in my meeting Dita post here, so I was pretty confident I had enough technical skill to achieve the look. Once starting it I realised how simple it was so I whipped together this tutorial for you folk in case you wanted to try it at home.

What you'll need:
. A brush
. Rat tail comb
. Heat protecting setting spray
. Hot sticks
. Bobby pins
. Hair spray

First thing you want to do it brush your hair and using your rat tail comb, part a C shape part starting at the top of your left ear and moving across the top of your head in a curved fashion to the top of your right ear. Once you brush your hair forward towards your face you should see the C shape part form. From there you should lightly coat the hair with setting spray and begin rolling the fringe in hot sticks. I like to start at the back of the C part and move toward the front on my head rolling small sections of my hair underneath the hot sticks in the directions of my face. I used about 8 hot sticks in this section as you want the curl to be quite tight.

For the rest of the hair I just started at the front of my face and sprayed the remaining hair with setting lotion before grabbing small sections of hair to roll in the hot sticks in the rolling under direction. I used the smaller hot sticks for the front of my face and as I moved to the back of my head I used the larger hot sticks.

I usually let my set cool for at least half an hour to make sure that the hot sticks are completely cold before I take them out. You can leave them for less time but as this look is more of a 1940's shape, you really want a nice tight curl to form.

Once the hot sticks are cool you want to remove all of the back section leaving the first C part section still rolled up. I like to start with the hot sticks at the bottom and work my way up to avoid the tangling.

When all your hot sticks are removed brush through your curls using you brush to removed knots and to separate the curls. The curls will become quite frizzy but don't fret, we'll be fixing that in a sec.

Once all the curls and brushed through grab a large section of your hair at the front of you face and brush it against your hand using your brush, this removes the frizz and encourages the curls to form large tight waves. Continue this process working around your head until the hair has been smoothed into nice curls.

Now what we need to do is smooth the sides back so we have the nice fringe curls at the front and the curls we have just brushed poking out at the sides. To do this take your rat tail comb and comb the side of your hair starting at the top of you head and moving the comb just behind you ear creating a nice smooth surface. The take your bobby pins and pin your hair in place behind your ears to hold it. You can also use those thick styling combs for this if you prefer. Once both sides are smoothed and pinned give your hair a good spray with hair spray to set your curls in place.


Ok now to do the Poodle fringe. Start off by unrolling the hot sticks being careful not to break up the curl. They should all look like ringlets once they are removed.

Grab your brush and brush through the curls like we did with the rest of your hair to remove the knots.

Once brushed through take your rat tail comb and section the fringe into 4-5 sections and back comb the base to create volume.

You'll look a bit ridiculous when you finish the teasing.

Now that you resemble a lion you will be needing to take each of the sections of you hair and manipulate the curls into what ever shape you want and pin it to the top of the head. I like to do a combination of pinning the formed ringlet curls to the side and rolling the unravelled hair into small pincurls at the front. There's no right or wrong way to do this, just use the photo as your guide. Once your happy with the shape, give everything a good spritz of hair spray and you're ready to go.

I know it doesn't look exactly like the photo but it's pretty damn close. A nice little 40's hair style to add to the repertoire.

Feel free to let me know how you all go with recreating it. If you post it on Instagram dont forget to tag me (@redvelvetrosie) so I can see.

Until next time,

Your friendly neighbourhood Red Velvet Rosie.

Tis the Season with Pinup Girl Clothing

I appears Christmas is just around the corner (or that maybe just what all the retail outlets of Melbourne seem to be telling me) and this year I am trying to be organised and get everyones presents sorted before the 2nd week of December. It feels like a mamoth task but as a avid online shopper I tend to be able to smash out my shopping without having to step foot into an actual shopping centre. All this online shopping for others tends to encourage me to look at things that I may want for myself (naughty I know) so I thought I would create a series of post leading up to Christmas of my most lusted after items from my favourite online retailers. Who knows, it may inspire you to find that perfect gift for that special someone in your own life.
I thought I would start off the series with the folks who pretty much supply the bulk of my wardrobe, Pinup Girl Clothing, so without further adue, here is my wishlist:


 I recently recieved the Vamp Top in black for my birthday and I instantly loved it, very flattering and I love a top with adjustable straps. With Summer starting to grasp it's hideously hot claws around Melbourne I feel these will be a wardobe staple during the sweltering months


The print on this dress is very adorable and I love the gather neck line detailing at the front. Now that I no longer have bright red hair I am getting back into wearing green again without the fear of looking like a Christmas catalogue.

Does this scream Beetlejuice or what? I have yet to purchase any of the new prints of the Jenny skirt yet, but having own a couple of the Doris Skirts available on Pinup Girl, I'm confident this will be a new favourite.

So, what's on you Christmas wish list this year?

Until next time,
Your friendly neighbourhood Red Velvet Rosie.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Rollers, Pincurls and a Faux Bob

It's currently meant to be Spring here in Melbourne, I say meant to as I am currently writing this whilst draped in a blanket with a hot cup of tea next to me. Needless to say it feels a bit more like Autumn with the dark days and rainy weather. Not that I'm complaining, sure beats the hell out of Summer and the sweltering heat. Due to the rapidly changing weather conditions I'm finding it difficult to predict how my wet sets will last, as they tend to drop out after a couple of hours during the colder rainer days. On Sunday I set my hair with my rollers and pincurl clips set I got from Dames of Distinction and it seemed to work quite well for the late 50's style Faux Bob look.


I think it turned out quite decent. To achieve the bob I pretty much just cupped my hair at the length I wanted and pinned the living daylights out of it with bobby pins. There's enough metal in my head to weigh down a submarine, something that tends to happen with these vintage styles.

Until next time,
Your friendly neighbourhood Red Velvet Rosie.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My Day with Dita

About 2 years ago I was on my way to work when I received a text message from one of my friends telling me she was in line to meet Dita Von Teese at the Urban Target on Chapel st and that I should join her. I was gutted, being the semi responsible person I was I couldn't skip out on my shift so I had to miss out on meeting one of the women I admired most. When I found out last week that Dita was in Melbourne again to relaunch her Von Follies range with Myer, well, there was no way in hell I was going to miss that. So armed with the info that she was going to be at Myer Bourke st to do a signing at 12:30 pm, I packed up my copy of her coffee table book, slipped on some seamed stockings and made my way into the city VERY early in the morning. Luckily for me I was accompanied by my dear friend Ilana Charnelle, the only lady I know who loves Dita almost as much as me. We started the day with a good breakfast and coffee at 5ive cafe on Degraves st, as we would be standing for most of the day we wanted to make sure our blood sugars levels were up, no fainting on Dita day.

We then made it over to Myer where they were just beginning to set up the line. We were 7th in line at just after 10am with not many people behind us.

Ilana looking adorable in her repro frock.

The lovely lady in front of us.
Who brought this amazing portrait of Dita for her to sign. Now I thought I was a big fan, I got nothing on this chick.

My Outfit
Dress: Trashy Diva
Bag: Gift
Gloves: Vintage
Brooch: Vintage

Me very happy that we are near the front of the line. About an hour later the crowd started to build.

The line started in front of Myer and then looped around as to be out of the way of pedestrians.

Later the lovely ladies from Beyond Andromeda Classic Styling joined us in the cue and kept us company. It was so wonderful to be able to chat to them about their range of Wheels & Dollbaby that they have in store. I had no idea you could purchase the brand in Melbourne, how very convenient.

How amazing does Juliett look in that green dress?

At around 12:15 the crowd was huge and the line for signings went all the way to Elizebether st. For those not familiar with Melbourne it means that the line was about a block long filled with women impeccably dressed.


12:30, getting excited for Dita!

Very Excited!!!

And then the crowd parted and she appeared, all 5"6 of her (in heels, she's tiny) in an amazing lingerie inspired dress with long lace gloves.


She then brought up the stunning models in the new range available at Myer, they look so amazing.

The next thing I knew it was time to meet Dita. The folks running the show told us that we could only get one signature and no personal messages, we also wrote our names on post notes to save time as there really was a lot of us. I was trying to think of what to say to her but I was completely fan girling.


Me being a total dweeb and starring.

All I can remember saying to her was how she was such and inspiration to me and has changed my life and how I see myself, after all she was the one who taught me to honor myself and dress in a manner that makes me feel beautiful. She was so sweet and was a little worried about my limping up the stairs ( my knee is still sprained), but so help me there was no way I was going to trip in front of her. She also signed my book and my postcard, spoilt rotten.
Unfortunately the lady taking the photos didn't get a photo of both Dita and I posing and looking nice for the camera which I was a little disappointed about. Then Ilana reminded me that I just met Dita Von Teese and I snapped out of my vanity bubble.
 My signed book.
 Later we went inside to check out the new range, Ilana being the wonderful friend she is took this photo so I would have a nice one with Dita and I both looking at the camera.

 Couldn't resist and cheeky selfie.
I must say the new range is truly stunning. When Von Follies was available at Target I pretty much purchased every pair of high waisted underwear from the range and they are the best knickers I have even worn. I was very much looking forward to adding to my collection until I noticed that Myer was not stocking anything over a size 14. Very strange I thought as I know that the new range is being made in larger sizes that are available overseas. After speaking to the staff at Myer I was assured that they will be stocking the full range of sizes, they are just waiting to release them with the new designs in January. I will keep you all updated as to when they are available. In mean time these are my favourites from the range, and for those who are blessed with a bottom smaller than mine, these designs are currently available online and in store.

It was such a wonderful day and I'm very grateful to Dita Von Teese and Myer for allowing the fans to meet their idol, and Dita being such a sweetie she stayed an extra hour to try and get everyone signed. What a classy lady.
Until next time,
Your friendly neighbourhood Red Velvet Rosie