Friday, 1 November 2013

Bomb Girls and Bombshell Vintage

I'd like to start this post by saying that I watch a lot of TV programs. And I mean A LOT! I think during any given week I have about 8-15 programs that I am trying to keep up to date with, and these aren't just Australian programs, but ones from the US, Britain and Canada. So when I find out that one of my favourite programs has been cancelled, well I take it quite to heart. It happened first with Black Books, only 3 seasons (I think) and it was gone. It again happened with Pushing Daisy's, one of the best premises for a TV show I had seen in quite some time (you should really check it out, it's so freaking adorable) followed quickly by Pan Am which was canned after one measly season. I was getting fed up to say the least, that was until I found out that Bomb Girls, MY FAVOURITE TV SHOW has been cancelled after 2 seasons! HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD? This program was sensational following the lives of the women who worked in the bomb factories during WWII in Canada.

 I started watching it purely for the costume porn (and boy does it deliver) but then I got hooked on the stories of these women, and I must say I am really sad that I won't get to continue to follow them on their journeys. Now there have been quite a few TV shows and mini series dedicated to the women of WWII like Land Girls from Brittan, but what was different about Bomb Girls was that these characters were not just two dimensional and the writers used them to tackle taboo issues of the times such as adultery, abortions, homosexuality and corruption. Issues that I find are generally swept under the carpet with period dramas as if the writers would like us to think there was no such thing as a lesbian in the 40's.

As mentioned before one of the main reasons I got hooked on the show was the costumes, I loved the simple outfits of the workers and the contrast between the upper classes throughout the show. I find in a lot of films and TV programs set in the 1940's and 50's that the costumes are far to luxurious for what people actually wore during that time, yes there was glamour, but ladies still needed to the grocery shopping. Bomb Girls excelled and depicting ordinary day clothes that are styled so beautifully that it really makes the ladies pop on screen.
Even the men are impeccably dressed
How amazing is their sofa set?
 I do love this dress, it reminds me of this design from Trashy Diva.
 By far my favourite characters in the show are Betty and Kate. Betty helps supervise the factory and has a dark secret she is keeping from everyone and Kate is on the run from her crazy pastor father (I know it sounds like a soap-opera is but it's actually really good). I loved Betty's mixture and masculine and feminine dressing and Kate has the most perfect hair in the world.


Would you look at that lovely ginger mane

Seriously that hair is perfection

Now being the vintage shopaholic I am I began scouring the Internet for 40's vintage so I could try to recreate some of my favourite looks from the show. Unfortunately for me there is not a huge range of plus size 1940's style vintage available, well not in my price range at least.

But then, low and behold Bombshell Vintage saved the day with releasing a whole range of 1940's style reproduction dresses that they are happy to make for you in any size. That's right folks, ANY SIZE. You even get to pick the fabric. And at under $200 a dress it's a real steal and having had the chance to wear some of Bombshell Vintages range before, I have the say the quality is second to none. I also like the fact that Bombshell Vintage will allow me to make my own Bomb Girls wardrobe, must be fate. Here are some of the styles available from their Facebook page.

I adore the little peplum detailing on the skirt here, perfect for hiding any unsightly tummy bumps.

 This would be perfect in a crepe fabric for an authentic 40's look and to keep you warm during Autumn.

The bust detailing here is sensational, it reminds me of the burgundy dress listed before.

 This by far is my favourite, I'm a sucker for a pussy bow top.
Thank goodness that if I can't get new episodes of Bomb Girls, at least I'll be able to show my fan girl pride by dressing accordingly. I have also heard rumours of a telemovie based off the show so I will be sure to keep my eyes peeled for that.
Until next time,
Your friendly neighbourhood Red Velvet Rosie
Ps, I thought some of you might enjoy a little GIF of Kate's amazing hair in action, she really is a stunner.


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