Saturday, 14 December 2013

Missing the Shoe Gene.

As you all know I'm kind of what you would call a shopping addict with Pinup Girl Clothing and Bettie Page pretty much knowing my shipping address off by heart. And I do adore scouring online boutiques looking for cute cropped cardigans and novelty print dresses, but it seems there is one item that never really seems to pry open my wallet, that item being shoes. Currently I own 5 pairs of shoes in total, a pair of knee high boots for winter, smelly court shoes for work, purple flats one size too big for me, a pair of kitten heels from Target with holes in them (still wearing them) and a pair of runners also from Target. I just can't seem to want to spend money on shoes and because of this I go for cheap and boring options which ultimately end in me wearing them out within a couple of months. With all this in mind I am going to make one of my new years resolutions to invest in well made and multiple pairs of shoes so that I am not walking about in shoes with holes in the (I should really throw those kitten heels out). And me being the planner that I am I already have a few pairs I intend on investing in in the future.

 At about $50 Australian these babies wont be breaking the bank and they are perfect for running around town without the dread of sore feet that a higher heel might cause.

 Normally I would say these are a bit loud for my taste, but there's something about the combination of gold and the high platform that appeals to me. And being the massive sook that I am, the platform will give me height without me crying in the middle of the street like a toddler, refusing to take another step due to me sore arches.

 Come on, how can I not get these? There's a freaking gnome holding up the shoe. A GNOME!

 These babies I plan on buying first. I have a lovely discounted pair sitting in my ebay watch list waiting for me to pull the trigger on buying them. Hasbeens are quite a popular brand amongst my vintage loving friends as they have the quality and aesthetically pleasing features of reproduction shoes without the high price tag. Don't get me wrong I adore Re-Mix shoes but I just can't justify sometimes over $200 AUD price tag for a pair of sandals. I have been looking for a pair of supportive and pretty sandals since the weather started warming up and I think these will be a welcome addition to my modest (more like shit) shoe collection.

Well that's all from me folks. Oh and a quick mention that if you don't already you can follow me on instagram and twitter at @redvelvetrosie, and I promise not to post pictures of my food, well not all the time...

Until next time,
Your friendly neighbourhood Red Velvet Rosie.

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