Thursday, 12 December 2013

Tis the Season with Trashy Diva

And now for another instalment of Tis the Season, I could practically hear you all waiting with baited breathe so I thought I would put you out of your misery and present to you my gift giving (well receiving if I'm honest) list from one of my favourite brands Trashy Diva. It seems it is your favourite brand too oh loyal readers as my first post on Trashy Diva still remains my most popular. So with out further adue I give you my lust list for this sensational New Orleans brand.

Oh yellow, how you strike fear in the hearts of some and joy in the hearts of others. I understand this is a hard colour to pull off but just take a looksy at that divine floral trim and flattering pleating on the bust. How can anyone say not to that?

This beauty caught my eye last year but has been out of stock until recently (it seems others share my impeccable taste). I just love the sequined peacock detailing on the bust and the 40's silhouette of the black fabric, defiantly a firm favourite.

 Trashy Diva 1940's Dress

I've spotted this marvellous creation on quite a few vintage blogs due to it's beautiful 40's style and the ability to dress it up or down. I envision it being worn with a lovely novelty brooch and seamed stockings during a mild Summers day.

Finally I present to you the crowning jewel of this lust list, the Lena dress. Released only recently as a limited addition item, this dress raises that bar for the Holiday season party dresses. Featuring a full skirt and beaded bust, this dress is sure to look amazing on a variety of sizes making you the bell of the ball no matter what your event. And being over $200 US dollars you'll be sure to wear it time and time again to get that cost per wear down to something that doesn't make your credit card cry and beg for mercy.
Now there are countless other items on Trashy Diva that are sure to make that special vintage loving someone in your life swoon, I have just shown you a mere taste to help with the inspiration process. And if any of you are inspired to send one of these dresses my way, well let's just say I wont say no.
Until next time,
Your friendly neighbourhood Red Velvet Rosie.

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