Friday, 20 December 2013


Like any good Gen-yer I spend a fair amount of my free time online, either shopping or generally trawling for entertainment or the current news and pop culture. I thought the amount of information I absorb was normal but lately I have noticed that when I start a question off as "have you seen that clip/link/page about (insert topic)?" I am met with a lot more no's than yes'. A classic example of this is my weekly meet up with friends that we have dubbed "Pho Monday" (we eat Pho every time we meet up, which is on Monday, genius name I know) where I we seem to end every meeting with me sending my "Pho folk" the latest youtube video or link I have found and have spoken about over dinner. Because of their enjoyment of this tradition I thought I would open it up to you folk and begin a weekly post on Most Interesting Thing I Found On The Internet This Week or MITIFOTITW. I can't take all the credit hear, the impossibly talented and handsome Mr Jack Heath used to do something similar on his blog. If you have no heard of him check out his work HERE, he is a wonderful writer and a very entertaining human being. I do believe Messy Nessy also do something similar with 13 Things I Found on the Internet this Week, but 13 seems like a lot for me so I think one item is enough.
So without further adue I present to you MITIFOTITW Volume I

I love this clip so much. Jack Nicholson is just sensational and Jennifer Lawrence is always good for a giggle. If you can't quite make out what Jack told her was that she looked like an old girlfriend, and well you know, you get to hear her reaction. So nice to see someone so young and so down to Earth be successful in the entertainment industry.
Well that's all from me folks.

Until next time,

Your friendly neighbourhood Red Velvet Rosie

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